Wash Your Hands: a Joint Venture between Public Health and Public Art

How many times have you entered a public bathroom and thought, “wow, that sign telling me to wash my hands sure catches my eye”? Odds are, probably never. We’re trying to change that with the Wash Your Hands: Public Health, Public Art project by bringing attention to a healthy habit with creative hand washing-promoting signs and displays.

To learn more about the project, check out our “about” page and “musings” blog, or browse our gallery pages. We hope you like what you see, and are inspired to spread the word about washing your hands (and not germs)!

Are you a local artist wanting to start a Wash Your Hands project in your community? Contact us!

Have you seen a funny, creative, or informative hand-washing sign in a public bathroom and want to be featured in our global gallery? Head on over to the WYH Global page or email us at washyourhandsphpa@gmail.com to submit it!

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